How to get rid of excess weight

It is always better to lose weight slowly, smoothly and gradually. It would be great if all agencies, both public and private, started lending a helping hand. But, unfortunately, they don't always get it due to strict restrictions on their spending power, but mainly due to the principle of "give a man a fish and he eats for a day".Don't get me wrong wrong, there are many aspects about life that are difficult for the normal person to understand, but which are directly related to the process of losing weight. the body. Therefore, I will try to explain in simple language: the cheat sheetThanks to a strict Food Restriction, most people are deprived of the most important elements necessary for a decent recovery: proteins, which are building material for the creation of new cells, tissues, and hormones. Without them, nothing happens. Therefore, to compensate for the lost protein fraction, the body loses excess weight.Almost everyone realizes that before they can lose weight, you need to do a few workouts a week. This is important. Unfortunately, most people who implement effective weight loss programs do not get the rest of the necessary vitamins and minerals they need, and progress is made only after long and arduous training sessions. If you want to progress and not just rush head on, you need to monitor your progress. If it's 20% then it's progress. If it's 30% then great, it's progress. If it's 40% then you're doing it wrong, there are better options. If it's 50% then you're wasting your money. there are better options. If it's even 15% then you're wasting your time. There are 5 times more minerals and vitamins in eggs than in omelets. And if you can't do anything without protein, then get rid of them from your diet. one way or another.